About Us

Lakeview Fitness is a ten year old fitness facility, formerly a YMCA, that was purchased by the Vernon Hills Park District. In 2013, the District upgraded the facility with interior renovations to transform its amenities and appearance into current trends. The Vernon Hills Park District was selected as recipient of a Park and Recreational Facility Construction Program Grant (PARC) for the renovation of Lakeview Fitness in 2022. The District was awarded a PARC Grant of $2,247,700 to renovate the existing facility by adding more workout and office space, increasing the interior pool, upgrading the locker rooms, and creating an outdoor fitness studio.


DEI Statement

The Vernon Hills Park District commits itself to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We value a mutually respectful, multicultural and equitable environment that reflects the communities we serve. We encourage a variety of opinions, approaches, perspectives and abilities. We create places and experiences where all feel welcome, comfortable, and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We are committed to putting resources and attention toward making our workforce diverse and equitable.


Mission Statement

To improve the physical and mental well-being of individuals by creating a safe and judgement free environment where members are encouraged to follow their unique fitness journeys.


Values Statement

Lakeview Fitness strives to achieve an atmosphere of belonging and inclusivity through genuine thoughtfulness from our staff towards our members. Our staff makes every effort to provide a unique member experience by learning each member’s name and story.

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