Lakeview Fitness’ mission is to help our community live an active lifestyle. We have knowledgeable instructors to guide you to make positive choices in your fitness journey. Lakeview Fitness offers a variety of programs and fitness events focusing on individualized attention, specialized options, and shorter commitment periods. Programs and events are offered seasonally and appeal to multiple generations of all abilities.

Programs are located at Lakeview Fitness or in our beautiful parks depending on format and equipment needs.

The programs and fitness events are open to our community and Lakeview Fitness members for a fee.

Offerings vary by season.  Click on the link below to see upcoming opportunities


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Summer Education Pass

PURCHASE May 1-July 1 

Valid for students, ages 14-25, and anyone who works for an educational institution. Must show a valid school ID. Memberships expire 90-days from date of purchase. Summer Education Pass purchased after July 1 will expire on September 30, 2023. R/NR Fee: $109/129


6-Week Summer Fitness Showdown – June 17-July 22

REGISTER Summer Fitness Showdown
Join us for a challenging, eventful, and fun style of fitness this summer! Discover new ways to unlock your potential while gaining strength, power, endurance, and confidence in the gym. This 6-week program will include large group workouts on Saturdays from 8-9 am, and smaller group workouts during the week with two of our personal trainers – Andre & Chris. There may be a small dose of healthy competition to help you meet your fitness goals. 14+ Years


Lifestyle Wellness Program – June 10-August 19

REGISTER Lifestyle Wellness Program

Looking to achieve a healthier, happier, and more productive you? Our group Lifestyle Wellness program is a great way to learn about and create a healthy lifestyle strategy that works for your unique objectives. During this program, you’ll attend 5 group sessions where you will interact with a certified Health Coach and your peers with similar goals. Your Coach will help you set goals and develop an action plan to achieve them. Each 60-minute session will include healthy lifestyle topics such as: building a healthy meal plan, increasing physical activity, the importance of sleep, stress management, coping with triggers and getting support, motivation and goal setting. The final session will be one-on-one with the Health Coach to reflect and plan for the future. Specific dates will be emailed to participants. 18+ Years


Hops & Hatha – July 7 at 6 pm

REGISTER Hops & Hatha
Wind down your week with some poses and pints on the Lakeview Fitness outdoor patio! This one hour special yoga class incorporates two things that make life wonderful: beer and yoga. Settle into each pose with ale from some local breweries. Must be 21+ Years.

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