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Group Exercise Studios

Lakeview Fitness is comprised of two indoor group exercise studios, plus an outdoor fitness patio.  Members also have the ability to enjoy virtual classes in the comfort of their home.

Lakeview Fitness has an indoor six-lane pool utilized for aquatic classes as well as lap swim.

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Group Exercise Classes

Our Instructors

A variety of classes are taught in the fitness studios by compassionate and certified instructors. Every instructor has completed a nationally recognized group exercise certification and has demonstrated a professional demeanor when teaching classes. Instructors are skilled in offering options for all skill levels so that class participants have a rewarding experience.

Our Classes

Yoga, Body Pump, Zumba, and so much more! With over 45 classes per week, Lakeview Fitness has multiple classes for all interests. Memberships include unlimited group exercise classes and scheduling is easy through the Lakeview Fitness app. Class descriptions are grouped in similar exercise formats to be easily recognizable when you find a format that interests you. A healthy workout routine doesn’t have to be limited to one format – mix up your workouts at Lakeview Fitness. Embrace your individuality and grow your confidence!


Lakeview Fitness partners with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) to provide discounted trainings for certifications and continuing education for Lakeview Fitness staff and our members seeking to further their education in the field.


Lakeview Fitness App

Members receive exclusive access to the Lakeview Fitness app for the most up-to-date class schedule and communication. Member benefits include:

  • Book group exercise classes and lap swim
  • Receive time sensitive communication at your fingertips
  • Connect fitness devices to track your progress
  • Connect with other members in Community Chat
  • Nutrition tracking and planning
  • Weekly progress reports

Lakeview Fitness App Preview


Members have the ability to schedule, in advance, their workouts in the Lakeview Fitness app. Multiple classes can be reserved simultaneously to be incorporated into a routine– no excuse to miss a workout! Class full? The app allows you to be put on a waiting list and notifies you if an opening occurs. The app also delivers notifications with important facility information, class updates, and new class offerings.

Cycle High energy class set to motivating music to really get you going. Be sure to arrive early to set up your bike.

Les Mills BodyCombat High-energy martial arts-inspired workout that is completely non-contact. Punch and kick your way to fitness. No experience is necessary.

Water Aerobics Medium to low impact class to improve cardio endurance and enhance body tone. Basic swim skills required.

Aqua Combat This mild-impact water aerobics class features strengthening, toning, and cardio exercises proven to get your heart rate up and leave you feeling strong and refreshed. Basic swim skill required.

ZUMBA Dance your way to a fitter you. This class incorporates unique Latin rhythms with calorie burning dance movements.

Step Interval Cardio combinations using a step, alternating strength (muscle work) and finishing off with abdominal work and stretching.

Power Step Step up, around, and down from the platform in different patterns to boost your heart rate and breathing, while strengthening your muscles. Step aerobic moves range from simple to advanced.

Armz & Bunz Alternate targeting glutes and arms to avoid over-fatigue in each muscle group. Each week will feature new equipment and music in this efficient and effective format.

Les Mills Body Pump Endurance weight lifting set to the timing of music. Each muscle group will be worked to fatigue to promote full body toning!

Core & More This core focused class will use body-weight and other pieces of equipment to help strengthen and tone your core!

Muscle Works All body muscle conditioning class that will add strength utilizing barbells, free weights, and body weight movements.

Pilates Plus Virtual This class is specifically designed to increase core strength, balance, and flexibility.

Strength & Balance Virtual & In-person Non-aerobic, low impact class that will improve muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance.

Strength, Stability, and Flexibility Improve strength, balance, stability, and flexibility with exercises focused on sustainability, regardless of fitness level. Class will use hand weights, body weight, resistance bands, and more to achieve a total body workout.

Kettlebell Fundamentals  A low impact, full body strength and conditioning class that focuses on foundational kettlebell movements: squats, deadlifts, swings and the Turkish getup. Each class includes warm up, strength/skill set and a conditioning set. No prior kettlebell experience necessary.

Strength/Cardio Mix Classes

H.I.I.T. High Intensity Interval Training. Challenge yourself beyond traditional training with this high intensity, functional workout. Workloads can be modified or scaled in intensity and weight.

3 Ring Circuit Start your week with a little sweat and grit. This 45-minute class will take you through 3 circuits with varying routines each week, focusing on strength and cardio bursts.

Power Step Step up, around, and down from the platform in different patterns to boost your heart rate and breathing, while strengthening your muscles. Step aerobic moves range from simple to advanced.

Strength & Balance Non-aerobic, low impact class that will improve muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.

20/20/20 Three workouts in one! The 20/20/20 class is designed to give you the ultimate challenge and total body workout. Sweat through 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of stretching and core work.

Total Body Conditioning (TBC) Virtual An all-encompassing workout designed to produce total body results. This fast moving workout conditions your cardiovascular system and nearly every muscle group in your body.

Step Interval Cardio combinations using a step, alternating strength (muscle work), and finishing off with abdominal work and stretching.

Cardio Strength Interval (CSI) Gain strength, endurance, and confidence with this circuit based workout. Workouts include dumbbells, resistance bands, body weight, and some cardio movements. All levels welcome!

Chair Yoga Traditional and classic yoga poses and movements with assistance of a chair. Perfect for those who have a harder time with floor poses, but all the benefits of yoga!

Pilates This class is specifically designed to increase core strength, balance and flexibility.

Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga consists of classic yoga poses that are held for longer periods of time to increase flexibility and strength. End your day with good breathing, mental focus, and energy. This class will focus on some recovery movements. All levels welcome!

Vinyasa Yoga Practice of yoga poses that flow through Vinyasa sequences to flow from one pose to another, using breath. This practice will help develop a more balanced body and still the mind.

Vinyasa Slow Flow Yoga Linking breath and movement, this class will awaken and energize the body, while calming the central nervous system. The relaxed pace accommodates both beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

Sunrise Yoga Wake up each Wednesday with deep breath and creating shapes with your mat to benefit flexibility. Strengthen your core and relax your mind. A beautiful way to start your day!

Candlelight Yoga End your week with some Candlelight Yoga. Candles set the mood to wash the worries of the day away and clear your mind and body of the week’s stress.

Full Body Stretch Improves range of motion, posture, and mobility which helps ward off injury. This class will include stretches for the entire body and conclude with a relaxation segment. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Mindful Movement and Meditation Join us for a mid-day break of mindfulness. The class will begin with a gentle yoga practice focused on stretching and releasing. Then you’ll learn simple meditation techniques to bring release to mental tension. The last 15 minutes of class are reseved for restoratie poses. Research has found that people who mediatate daily are 10% happier!

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